Neverwinter: Get a free companion by linking your Xbox One to Arc

Neverwinter: Get a free companion by linking your Xbox One to Arc

Neverwinter launched just over a week ago for the Xbox One, and it is free to download and free-to-play for Xbox Live Gold members. The game does feature micro-transactions, but you can still enjoy Neverwinter without pumping any real money into it. 

Arc Games is offering a free companion to any users who link their Xbox One to their Arc accounts. The offer was live at launch, however, it was removed for a number of days to “help provide a smoother in-game connection for players“. Now that the free companion offer is back, make sure that you take just a few minutes to claim your Renegade Illusionist. When logging into Neverwinter from your Xbox One, you should get the following pop up:

Simply follow the on-screen instructions, either by linking your account via the browser on your console of elsewhere using the given code. If the linking pop up doesn’t appear, it should be under the ‘Options’ menu on your Neverwinter home screen. If that doesn’t work, log into your Arc account and check your linked devices (My Account > Security > Linked Devices).

I had already linked my Xbox One but for some reason it was not granting me the reward, I simply unlinked my console from my Arc account and after a short while I was then prompted to link it via my Neverwinter game. You’ll know when it’s successfully happened as you’ll be told that your rewards have been sent to your game.

To claim your companion you must first complete the first part of the tutorial to reach Protector’s Enclave, speak to Sergeant Knox when you arrive in Protector’s Enclave and accept and complete the quest “Rags to Riches”. Once you’ve done that, you can visit the Reward Claims Agent on the opposite side of the Hall of justice from Sergeant Knox and purchase your new companion free of charge.

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